The Learning Hub Consultancy specialises in designing, realising and enhancing innovative spaces (physical and virtual) for effective learning.


The Learning Hub Consultancy is committed to supporting today’s students by helping institutions and educators provide learners with the very best learning environments, materials and advising services. We have almost twenty years of professional experience in a variety of international contexts, and we strive to provide practical solutions based on strong educational principles with a transparent and sound theoretical framework. Our consultants are all dedicated, professional educators who strive to address students’ needs and make a difference to their educational experience. Specifically, we specialise in the following services:

  • Advising on setting up self-access learning facilities
  • Advising on establishing language advising programmes
  • Writing and implementing self-directed learning courses
  • Recruitment and training of learning centre staff and learning advisors
  • Training teachers in how to promote autonomy and thinking skills in learners
  • Consulting on materials development projects
  • Evaluation and enhancement of current educational practices and services

E-mail us to discuss possible options: enquiries@the-learning-hub.com