Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom

This weekend, the Learning Hub team attended the Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom held in Osaka, Japan. What an inspiring event! Actually, it was two events as the Asian Conference on Language Learning ran simultaneously and delegates could attend either sessions over the two days. The event was opened by conference chair Professor Steve Cornwell on Friday morning. There then followed an excellent keynote talk by Deryn Verity entitled “Beyond Borders: Language Education and Identity”and inspiring talks by featured speakers Kuniko Miyanaga (“Globalization, Culture and Society”) and Barbara Lockee (“Moving Forward through Looking Back: A Historical Analysis of Instrucitonal Technology for Language learning”).

The varied nature of the parallel sessions were certainly a highlight of the conference – also the friendly and collegial atmosphere which was perfect for networking and forging new partnerships.

The afternoon featured speaker sessions were by Jo Mynard from the Learning Hub (“Raising Awareness of Learning Processes with Technology Tools”) and Marjo Mitsutomi (“Globalization, Culture & Society: What Role does Language NOT play?”). The second day of the conference featured another full programme of parallel sessions

The conference dinner was a great way to chat to people informally. On our table, were delegates from India, Ireland, Finland, Australia, the US, Wales, South Africa and the Philippines. The conference certainly was the most internationally diverse event we had ever attended in Japan. I believe that over 40 nations were represented.

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