Conference presentation, Italy

The 22nd EUROCALL conference, University of Padova, Italy (26th to 29th August 2015). (LINK)

Developing and Piloting an App for Managing Self-directed Language Learning: An Action Research Approach

Paper-based tools such as self-evaluation activities, learning plans, reflective journals and learning logs are commonplace for managing self-directed language learning (SDLL). Such tools not only promote ownership over learning and provide a sense of achievement to learners, but they also promote reflection and raise awareness of learning processes. Paper-based tools (‘modules’) for SDLL have been used successfully at a small university in Japan since 2003, but with the gradual introduction of student-owned iPads, the time is right to explore how technology tools have the potential to enhance the SDLL experience for learners. This poster presentation outlines the process of working with an app development company to convert the paper-based modules into an iPad app. Using an action research approach to systematically gather and analyse ongoing input from users, the presenters share their experiences and findings from the pre-pilot and pilot phases of the project. The presenters share the successes and challenges and show participants both the paper and app versions of the SDLL modules.

Presenters:  Jo Mynard, Yuko Momata, Elizabeth Lammons, and Satoko Watkins

Co-researcher: Junko Noguchi


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