Jobs that offer passive income opportunities

  1. Real estate investor or developer
  2. Online course creator or e-book author
  3. Blogger or YouTube content creator
  4. Stock or mutual fund investor
  5. Landlord or property manager
  6. Dropshipper or e-commerce entrepreneur
  7. Musician or artist selling music or art online
  8. Software developer or app creator
  9. Author or publisher
  10. Affiliate marketer
  11. Website or domain flipper
  12. Investment banker or financial advisor
  13. Consultant or coach selling digital products or services
  14. Franchise owner
  15. Network marketer or MLM participant
  16. Online tutor or education provider
  17. Investor in peer-to-peer lending platforms
  18. Investment manager or fund manager
  19. Patent holder or inventor
  20. Entrepreneur or small business owner selling physical or digital products or services
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