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Discover the Top 3 Songs by Nujabes and why they are his legacy

Nujabes is an iconic figure in the hip-hop and music industry who has made a lasting impact on the genre. The Japanese music producer, DJ, and composer was known for his unique blend of jazz and hip-hop beats, and his work was featured in the popular anime series Samurai Champloo. Nujabes passed away in 2010, but his sound and influence still remain in the music industry today. If you’re looking to understand the sound of Nujabes, there are three essential songs you should not miss.

The first song is “Luv (Sic) Part 3” from his album Modal Soul, which is a collaboration with Japanese artist Shing02. This track is a smooth and soulful blend of hip-hop and jazz that has become an iconic track in the genre. The beat is relaxed yet captivating, and it showcases Nujabes’ signature sound.

The second song is “Feather” from his album Metaphorical Music. This is a beautiful instrumental track that features a piano melody, a rolling bassline, and a light percussion beat. It’s a perfect example of Nujabes’ style of combining jazz and hip-hop together. The song is a fan favorite, and it’s often cited as one of Nujabes’ best works.

The third song is “Reflection Eternal” from his album Modal Soul. This is a collaboration between Nujabes and Japanese rapper Substantial, and it’s one of the most beloved tracks in Nujabes’ discography. The beat is mellow and relaxing, and it features a beautiful string section that gives the track a cinematic feel. The lyrics are also meaningful, and it’s a great example of Nujabes’ skill as a producer.

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Nujabes was a master of combining jazz and hip-hop together, and these three songs are essential listens for any fan. His sound was unique and distinct, and his influence can be heard in the music of today. From soulful beats to beautiful instrumentals, Nujabes left us with a lasting legacy that will never be forgotten.