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10 Things to Say to Stop Over Texting

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by someone’s constant need to text you, it’s time to put a stop to it. But how do you do that without hurting the other person’s feelings? It may feel awkward, but it’s not impossible. Here are 10 things you can say to get the person to stop over texting you.

  1. Let’s Talk in Person – Talking face-to-face is much more meaningful than texting. Suggest getting together for a conversation and let the other person know that it’s important to you.
  2. Let’s Stay in Touch – You don’t need to be in constant contact to stay in touch. Explain that you’ll be sure to let the other person know if something important is happening or you need to talk.
  3. I’m Busy – If someone is constantly texting you, tell them that you’re busy and can’t respond right now. Don’t feel obligated to keep up with the conversation if you don’t have the time.
  4. I’m Not in the Mood – Let the other person know that you’re not in the mood to talk right now. You can still be polite and friendly but don’t feel like you have to respond to every text.
  5. Let’s Take a Break – Tell the other person that you need a break from the conversation. Suggest taking a few days or weeks away from texting each other and see how it goes.
  6. Let’s Do Something Fun – Suggest a fun activity that you can both do together, like going out for dinner or to a movie. This way, you can still spend time together without having to text all the time.
  7. I Need Some Space – If the other person is being too clingy, let them know that you need some space. Explain that it’s nothing personal, you just need some time to yourself.
  8. I’m Not Ready to Talk – If someone is pushing you to talk about something that you’re not ready to discuss, let them know that you need more time. Explain that you’ll let them know when you’re ready.
  9. Let’s Take it Slow – If the conversation is getting too intense, suggest taking it slow. Explain that you’d like to get to know the other person better before diving into deep topics.
  10. I’m Not Interested – If you’re simply not interested in talking to the other person, then let them know. Be honest and up front so they don’t keep trying to reach out to you.
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Talking to someone about their over texting can be difficult, but it’s important to set boundaries. By being honest and direct, you can ensure that the other person respects your wishes. Use these 10 things to get the person to stop over texting you and take back control of your conversations.