Selected presentations


  • Invited plenary speakers. Conference on Self-Access Learning, Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City.
  • Invited plenary speaker. Self-access: Future and beyond 21st century. King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonbury, Thailand.
  • Learners and teachers voices in self-access learning in Japan. IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG event, Birmingham, UK.


  • Creating an app that helps students to manage self-directed learning, JALT CALL, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Developing and piloting an app for managing self-directed language learning: An action research approach. EuroCALL, Padua, Italy


  • Learner involvement in self-access learning (plenary speaker), IATEFL SIG event, Istanbul, Turkey
  • How do self-directed language learners keep going? CLaSIC, Singapore.
  • 20 tips for running a self-access centre, JASAL Forum at JALT, Tsukuba, Japan


  • Promoting autonomy with technology (plenary speech), IATEFL event, Liverpool, UK
  • Technology tools for autonomy (invited speech), JALT event, Bepu, Japan
  • Advising for language learner autonomy (invited speech), JACET event, Sendai, Japan
  • What is self-access? (opening plenary), Chiba, Japan
  • Integrating self-directed learning with a curriculum, JALT event, Tokyo, Japan
  • Investigating affective factors in self-directed learning, PALT conference, Cebu, The Philippines


  • Raising awareness of learning processes with technology tools (featured speech), ACTC, Osaka, Japan
  • Promoting autonomy through CALL in a self-access centre, JALT CALL, Kobe, Japan


  • Learning environments that facilitate reflection and discussion, JALT CALL, Fukuoka, Japan
  • The role of written dialogue in advising, Advising2011 (IATEFL), Chiba, Japan
  • Technology use in a self-access centre: An action research study, EuroCALL, UK
  • Written advice in self-study modules: The effect on learning, AILA World Congress, Beijng, China


  • Promoting cognitive and metacognitive awareness through self-study modules, CLaSIC, Singapore
  • Creative tools which facilitate the language advising process, JALT, Nagoya, Japan
  • The role of the learning advisor in promoting autonomy (plenary), JACET, Sendai, Japan
  • Self-access language learning: Current trends and future directions, Thai TESOL, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Advising at Kanda University of International Studies, JALT (JASAL Forum), Shizuoka, Japan


  • Promoting autonomy through self-access materials – JALT, Shizuoka, Japan
  • Benefits and challenges of computer-based resources for self-access. ILAC, Hong Kong
  • Learner autonomy through independent study modules in a SAC. IATEFL, Cardiff, UK
  • How technology tools can facilitate learner reflection. HICE, Honolulu, Hawaii


  • Examples of student blog use in Japan and the UAE. JALT, Tokyo, Japan
  • Developing engaging materials for EFL learners. JALT, Tokyo, Japan
  • Using action research to improve a TOEIC preparation course. IATEFL, Exeter, UK


  • How blogging can promote learner autonomy. Independent Learning Association, Chiba, Japan
  • How computer technology can promote learner autonomy. IATEFL, Aberdeen, UK


  • Chat Room Activities that Facilitate Learner Autonomy. JALT CALL, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Using online forums and promoting higher-order thinking. TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE


  • Language labs and independent learning (invited speech). Model School conference, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Chat room tasks for independent learning. Higher Colleges event, Sharjah, UAE


  • Investigating evidence of learner autonomy in a virtual EFL classroom. Research in ELT, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Facilitating learning through peer tutoring. TESOL Arabia, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Establishing self-access systems. Zayed University event, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Self-access – yes. Independent….? TESOL Arabia, Dubai, UAE


  • CMC: Benefits to female Arab learners. TESOL Arabia, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Chat room activities for EFL learners. TESOL Arabia, Abu Dhabi, UAE